What about Bob?

Bob Miller is one of the rare photographers who has made both a living and a life following his passion for image making. He has traveled the world shooting images of people, places, and cultures and estimates that he’s photographed more than one million faces- from corporate executives, models and athletes, to the indigenous people of Asia, Africa, and the Arctic.


His commercial work, which includes clients such as Arizona PBS, Diamond Resorts International, and Giorgio Armani, gives him the freedom to spend much of his spare time in the deserts, mountains and ghost towns of the Southwestern U.S.  He often chooses to combine his vocation and his avocation, which was the case in 2016 when he was commissioned to shoot a wedding celebration in Addis Ababa, then continued on to the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia to photograph the outstanding landscapes and primitive indigenous tribes. This was Bob's fourth client-oriented trip to the African Continent.


Bob Miller has lived in places as diverse as St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., Alaska, California, and Idaho and has taken photos in all of them. He is now based in Gilbert, Arizona, which has given him many opportunities to explore both the famous landscapes of the Southwest like the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, and infamous locations like the historic Old West town of Tombstone.


Ever adventurous, he’s not someone who hangs around the hotel waiting for a leisurely breakfast before heading out for the day. Any given weekend will find him in the wilderness sleeping in a tent, up and prepared well before sunrise to get the best possible viewpoint. He even adapted to handle his camera while riding a horse for a shoot at Rancho De La Osa, Arizona's oldest ranch, first settled circa 1680 ca.


In addition to his fine art scenic photography and commercial work in real estate, construction, and resorts, Bob also enjoys tutoring new photographers one-on-one or teaching workshops for small groups. He shares stories of his travels and his work at libraries and club meetings, as well as for other organizations.


Bob Miller’s work has appeared in print and online publications including USA Today, The Arizona Republic, Landscape Photography Magazine, Avid Golfer Magazine, Images Arizona Magazine, and Arizona Highways website and blog.


His future travel wish list includes Burning Man in Nevada and a trip to Cuba “before McDonalds gets there.” In the meantime, he’ll be roaming the backcountry trails of the American West, capturing the beauty of its places and people for those who are not able to experience them in person.

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